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Moments unAccounted For ...

Life and Other Ambiguous Things

The Girl With the Kaleidoscope
You learn something new everyday, so step into my little world and see what you can learn about me :) Basically, I'm up for anything, I'm a social butterfly and I tend to like to have conversations with people. Sometimes that works out, other times I just find myself talking to myself... go figure o_O. But that doesn't stop me from talking, oh no! Whether I'm having a conversation with the jinn in my closet or a conversation with one of you, you are bound to find something new about me ;)

I'm an outgoing person, very nice (I like to think so ^_^), will voice my opinion and stand up for my friends and my beliefs and I will cut you down a peg if you get out of line. But other than that, I'm very nice and I hate wank and people who start wank, I hate rumors and people who start it as well. I'm an honest person, I don't lie and I don't cheat and I will say it as it is. Have I scared you yet? NO! Well then, you and I will get along just fine ;)

I'm an obsessive person, and I'm possessive as well. I don't let those traits be known right off the bat, because they could scare a person! LOL! However, when I like someone there's no power in the verse that will deter me from liking them. NONE! Unless, that person gives me a reason not to like them anymore that is.